Nocturnes / Diurnes // Statue Mashups: Pete Bennett Exhibition

Pete Bennett exhibition

Join us at our Exhibition for Pete Bennett, with refreshments provided courtesy of Signature Brew, on Sunday September 26th from 2-6pm.

Working in pen and ink, Hackney-based artist Peter Bennett renders the ghostly quality of the new buildings arising in our cities; these, countered with his ‘Statue Mashups’ – a surreal, dark humoured take on the monuments and artefacts that inhabit our town squares and museums, make up the current exhibition at Harness & Mane.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there, meet Pete & the Harness & Mane team, and browse his collection over a glass of wine and some live music provided by THE DUBLO!

Billy Childish on Pete Bennett:

‘Pete Bennett’s paintings and drawings are simple gifts that can be at turns beautiful, ugly and indifferent; as if composed by a drunken man on a moonlit stroll, who, intoxicated as much be the nite air as by wine and beer, sings uninhibited ditties to the stars and pan.
So, rooted in a simple engagement with nature, dashed out in a recognisable code of ever arising, vibrating shakti, Pete’s paintings are musical mark-makings; a celebration of the very nature of poetic being.
In this way, engaging with the musical echo of bird, tree or man, Pete makes his paintings and drawings. Whether full of harmony or violent discord, they are always beautiful, assured and better than we deserve.’