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Our pricing is gender neutral, which means it’s price based on how long your service takes. Therefore listed prices “start from”, and may be subject to change depending on hair thickness/complexity of the service.

We’re completely transparent and your stylist will always discuss this with you at your consultation.

We ask our clients to pay a deposit of 50% when you book and ask that any cancellations are made at leas 48 hours in advance to avoid a 50% cancellation charge.


* All new clients will need to have a skin allergy test 48 hours before appointment.

Senior Stylist

Full head of foils £140
Half head foils £120
Partial foils £90
Balayage or ombre - full head (book a toner with this) £140
Balayage or ombre - partial (book a toner with this)  £115
Root colour £60
Full head colour £75

Senior Stylist

Semi gloss - short £65
Semi gloss - med-long £70
Fashion colour refresh £80
Colour camouflage £35
Toner £35
Toner (long & thick) £55
Colour correction/change on short to medium length (5 hrs+) £381
Colour correction/change on long hair (6 hrs+) £497

Bleach (includes Olaplex)

* Bleach services include Olaplex and toner.
All clients will need to have skin allergy test 48 hours before the appointment

Senior Stylist

Roots (6 - 8 weeks regrowth) £132
Roots (8+ weeks regrowth) £167
Virgin medium £210
Virgin long £250 

Cutting / styling

Senior Stylist

Wash, cut and finish (medium long) £63
Wash, cut and finish (short) £55
Wash, cut and finish (extra long) £75
Clippered back & sides,  wash and finish £47
Teens (12-18) £38
Kids under 12 (with a wash) £25
Wash & blow dry £30
Wash & blow dry (long or thick) £45


*Treatments will usually take 10-30 minutes

Senior Stylist

Olaplex with any colour service £25
Olaplex standalone treatment £40
Olaplex express £20
Bespoke luxury treatment £39
Deep moisture express £20

Cezanne Hair Straightening

Senior Stylist

Partial (fringe or hairline) £105
Shoulder length and above (fine-medium density) £198
Shoulder length and above (thick density) £260
Below shoulder (fine-medium density) £330
Below shoulder (thick density) £390